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Join my Glute Challenge and get your first month of my app FREE and a chance to win HUGE prizes!


Ready for a
Glute Challenge?

Join now and get your first month

of my app FREE and a chance to

Win $5,000 cash!

Ready for a
Glute Challenge?

Join now and get your first
month FREE and a chance to

win $5,000 cash!

Starts March 14th

For the next 4 weeks we will be working towards stronger, meaner bodies while completing my Glute Challenge! I’ve helped thousands of women reach their goals. And this is one of my most sought after programs. You don’t want to miss this!


Join now for only $27.99 and get my app for FREE!

*Free trial lasts until the challenge ends.

Past clients who have made powerful transformations following my programs

Check out these amazing prizes!

Everyone who participates in my Glute Challenge has a chance to win!

Grand Prize

Anyone can win! All you have to do is finish every challenge workout to be entered into the grand prize draw!​

Best Transformation

Show off all your hard work with progress photos for your chance to win $1,000 cash!

Best Non-Scale Victory

Success isn’t always about numbers or looks. Share your NSVs with me for your shot at $1,000.

Mini-challenge giveaways

Participate in weekly challenges for your chance to win my favorite gear, gift cards, goodies, and more!

Let's move forward together

No matter where you are in your fitness journey or how much time you have, this challenge will help you move FORWARD! I have created TWO versions of the challenge to make it accessible to everyone, especially all my busy moms out there.

45 min

Strength Training


20 min

Strength Circuits

what's Included:

Flexible Training For All Levels

Choose between a 45 minute plan OR a 20 minute plan.

Live Workouts

Workout with me live exclusively in the app for challenge participants.

Easy Meal Plans

Fuel your workouts with family-friendly, delicious recipes.

Built-In Community

Stay positive, get support, and make friends in our private community!

It's my birthday, let's celebrate! Take advantage of this one-time introductory offer and save big on my annual plan!

It's my birthday, let's celebrate! Take advantage of this one-time introductory offer and save big on my annual plan!

Check out what some of my past clients have to say


Noelle’s been such a blessing in my life. She’s helped me to learn how to just breathe and look at the blessings around me daily, to push through self-discouragement, and learn to love the process of bettering myself. Her programs are effective, cohesive, extremely AFFORDABLE, and created with love. I love being a part of such a positive community that you have brought together!


I’ve been following Noelle for 5 years now. I love her workouts because they are challenging and produce results. I would recommend her programs to everyone. She provides high quality content at an affordable price


Thank you for giving so many single women, working women, family women, single moms, and young/older ladies the opportunity and boost to make goals without the pressure of NEEDING to succeed. So many people fear making goals because they are afraid of failure, but truth is, no matter what the goal is, you’ll end up much further than if you never set it. So just do it, then reflect and reset!

Meet Your Coach

Noelle Benepe

After training thousands of women, I’ve realized that fitness isn’t about looking or acting a certain way. It’s not about conforming to an “ideal” body type. And it’s not about showing off or looking cute for other people. What it’s really about is showing up for YOU and being your best, AUTHENTIC self. And it’s about FEELING good, achieving your goals on your own terms, and moving FORWARD one day at a time.


As a single mom I know that nutrition and movement can be hard to incorporate into your routine. That’s why this challenge is for EVERYONE – no matter how busy you are or what your level of fitness is! Ultimately, I want you to be PROUD of YOU. Let me help you build a healthier relationship with yourself and discover what you are capable of!


Let’s go on a 4-week journey together to not only look good but, more importantly, FEEL amazing in our own skin. I’ll set you up for success with a fun program, welcoming community, and be by your side every step of the way!



Yes! This program uses minimal equipment. I understand that some of you may have full access to plenty of equipment, while others not so much. No matter where you are or your situation, this program can be adapted and modified according to your access to equipment!

Of course. This program is perfect for all fitness levels! With rest days and active recovery built into the plan, it’s easy to follow and stick to. I also encourage you to own the workouts and modify the moves, reps, or sets to suit your personal fitness level.

Yes! I’ve made the program as flexible as possible with quick, effective workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. Plus all of the coaching sessions and bonus workouts will be recorded, so you can view them afterward if you aren’t able to attend them live!

The investment in yourself is only $27.99 + a FORWARD app subscription to join the challenge which you will get for free with your 30-day trial. That’s less than a couple of dollars a day to join our awesome community, be coached by me, and have the chance to win incredible prizes. I can’t wait to meet all your lovely new faces!

The entire challenge will be hosted on the FORWARD app. You’ll get access to the workouts and meal plans a few days before we officially start on March 14th. Don’t worry. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll email you all of the details so you’re set up for success!

The challenge is only available on the FORWARD app for Apple devices running on iOs 12 or later

Please contact my team at with any other questions you might have!

Join my challenge and get my app for FREE

To celebrate the launch of my new app and my birthday, I’m giving everyone free access to my app when you join my Glute Challenge! Want to save even more? Lock in the introductory annual plan price and get 44% off!

*Free trial lasts until the challenge ends.

1 month

$ 14
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  • Get access to my app for free when you join my challenge, then billed monthly.

12 months

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  • Join the challenge and lock in the intro offer of $99 for the annual plan after your free trial ends. That's 44% off in savings!